Are you a property owner wondering why your listing no longer exists?

Up until circa mid-June 2017, Stay In Britain was owned by a business that has since had to close down. We now own the website domain but when the domain was transferred we did not receive all of the listings that used to exist.

We haven’t taken over the site and any fees previously paid to the old owners are sadly lost*. However, we have been working hard to try and restore as many of the old listings as we can.

We understand that the old site used to have three main types of listing:

  1. Basic, free listings
  2. Paid ‘gold’ listings
  3. (a) Brochure websites, (b) Brochure sites accessed via a custom domain name, such as

If your listing is missing and you would like it restored, we will do all we can to help, but we do not have any control of the domains used in option 3 (b) above.

If your listing exists but has wrong or missing content, you can simply claim your listing and have full control over the content. See “How to claim your listing.


* We have nothing legally to do with the previous company that owned the domain, and can not be held liable for any payments made, nor business lost due to changes with this website.