Shropshire Accommodation Guide

Shropshire (sometimes abbreviated to Shrops) is a beautiful landlocked county that lies on the border of England and Wales. The county is famous for its proud industrial heritage, beautiful rural landscapes, world beating inventions and its principal market town (Shrewsbury).

With so much to see and explore, it is no surprise therefore that Shropshire is one of Britain’s most visited counties. In this brief tourist guide, we will explore some of the region’s finest attractions and exhibit some of Shropshire’s best accommodation choices.

Shropshire is widely regarded as the ‘birthplace of industry’ being closely associated with the start of the English industrial revolution. Although the vast majority of the county’s mills, mines and factories have long since been abandoned, many remain as fascinating museum pieces. As such, thousands of school children visit the region every year as part of their geography or scientific studies.

The Iron Bridge, in the appropriately named town of Ironbridge, is arguably Shropshire’s most iconic symbol of the industrial revolution. Closed to traffic in 1934, visitors can still walk across the bridge and visit the many other industrial sites in the immediate area. These include the ‘Museum of the Gorge’ and Coalbrookdale where the iron used to make the bridge was smelted.

Shropshire’s industrial achievements do not end here though. The county lays claim to creating the world’s first skyscraper. Although not very high, being just five storeys tall, the Dithingerton Flax Mill proved that iron columns and beams could be used to quickly erect large structures. All skyscrapers built since then have relied on this basic principle.

Lord Hill’s Column in Shrewsbury is another engineering marvel and it remains the highest Doric column in the world and 15 feet higher than Nelson’s Column in central London. Built in 1814, the column is nearly 41 metres in height (134 feet).

Shropshire’s principal town, Shrewsbury, retains one of the most unspoilt medieval street plans in the UK and has over 600 listed (protected) buildings. Many of these buildings are timber framed houses which date back to the 1600s. Shrewsbury castle and Shrewsbury Abbey are considerably older however and date back to the 11th century.

Interestingly, many of Shropshire’s accommodation options are nearly as old. The county has a great variety of accommodation choices on offer for all types of trip. The county has a fantastic range of holiday rental options including historic farmhouses, converted factories and warehouses, mill houses and converted barns.

The county of Shropshire shares a land border with several English counties including Staffordshire to the east, Worcestershire to the southeast, Herefordshire to the south and Cheshire to the north. Being on the border with Wales, Shropshire also abuts the Welsh counties of Powys to the west and Wrexham to the northwest.

Shropshire / Tourist Information

  • County Town: Shrewsbury
  • Land Area: 3,487 km2 (1,346 square miles)
  • Population: 498,073 (2019)
  • Population Density: 143/km2 (370/square miles)
  • Average Temperature: (Summer 20°C)
  • Days Of Rain: 203 days of rain / 162 dry days per year

Best Attractions In Shropshire

The Iron Bridge: This incredible bridge was the first bridge in the world to be made from cast iron. Opened in 1781, it inspired the worldwide use of cast iron as a structural material. The bridge is celebrated as a symbol of the British Industrial Revolution. The bridge and the wider industrial area of the Ironbridge Gorge form a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Attingham Park: This incredible 18th century mansion and estate covers 640 acres and includes a deer park with 300 head of fallow deer. Visitors can book a tour of the main house and visit the walled garden before taking afternoon tea in the tea rooms. Dogs are also welcome!

Wroxeter Roman City: Wroxeter was once the 4th largest Roman city in Britain. Called Viriconium by the Romans, the city’s ruins are nearly 2,000 years old. You can still see the remains of the bathhouse and there is a reconstructed town house so you can see what urban life would have like in Roman times. It is thought that the city was once as large as the city of Pompeii in Italy.

Best Accommodation In the Shropshire

The Generals Quarters, Pitchford near Shrewsbury The General Quarters (Pitchford near Shrewsbury): Located just 7 miles away from the centre of Shrewsbury, this incredible old house dates back to 1549. Named after a previous owner, this section of the wider house (Pitchford Hall) sleeps 14 people across 7 bedrooms. The estate also boasts having what is thought to be the oldest tree house in the world within its grounds!

Hampton Lodge, EllesmereHampton Lodge (Ellesmere): There are a lot of wooden lodges situated within caravan parks but this one is different. This is a proper wooden cabin with permanent foundations and the differences are stark. Sleeping 8 people across 4 bedrooms this amazing lodge offers its guests a large decked veranda (with hot tub), double height living spaces and a mezzanine sleeping area.

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