Using the Site

Using the SiteSIB2 Logo

This version of the Stayinbritain website has been designed to be as functional as possible but to have a minimum number of pages that you need to look at to find what you want for your holiday in Britain.  Essentially there are just three pages:


                Search for what you want, (Where? and What? buttons)

                Look at the results of that search (Find It for Me button)

                see details of any property that is of interest to you.


There are other information pages for holiday makers and especially overseas visitors which are designed to provide information that will useful when you stay in Britain. There are blogs that we write on a regular basis but these are not essential to the functionality of the website. They do however provide a lot of detail information which may be of interest to visitors and holiday makers.


We have tried to make it as easy as possible to find exactly what you want, where you want it. The base parameters are set to a default of 10 miles from the centre of the entered location and to show “All” properties in that area. These search parameters can be changed at any time using the "Search Tools" button, so you can do a broad search and then easily narrow down the results using various factors or set the parameters to exactly what you want before performing any searches.


Where do you want to go?

Enter your destination in the box "Where?”. As you type, you will see various suggestions appear. When the destination you want appears in the suggestion list, just click on it. Note that your destination doesn’t have to be a city, town or village. You can enter places of interest as your destination, so “Natural History Museum” or “Stonehenge” are perfectly valid entries as are a large variety of other places of interest.



What do you want to find?

By default, the search is set to look for all accommodation in a 10 mile radius around any destination. If you want to search for a specific type of property, B&B for example, use this drop down to select the type that you require.



Start the Search

If you are happy with your selection, you can just click the “Find It For Me” button. However, you may want to further refine your destination search before you get results. You can narrow or widen the search area, or just select a broad region from the drop down list.



Search refining options

Using the button labeled "Search Tools", you can select one or more options that will narrow your search to suit your specific requirements. As well as the distance from any specific place, you can also narrow your search by arrange of other factors. These are fairly self explanatory and include:


Distance from the search point (in miles)

Number of people it must be able to cater for.

Property grading (1 to 5 star, AA or Tourist Board ratings)

Price Range


In addition, you can select properties that match certain criteria which are important to you. For example, those that have disabled facilities or are pet friendly. At any point click the "Go" button to start the search.


Search Results

Once you click the red “Find It For Me button, the button will change to blue and the system will search for all properties that match the criteria you have selected and a brief description of these will show in the main body of the page, one under the other. These basic details show one or more photograph of the property, a brief description and the rates and contact information.  You can alter the order that these results are displayed by changing the display criteria using the drop down box at the top of the results page.


Main property details

To see further details of any particular property, click on the "MORE" button or the “Full Details” link at the end of the descriptive text or click on the property name. This will open up the brochure advert we have for this property and provide a lot more information. There are pages of information that can be selected by clicking on the appropriate tabs at the top right side of the property brochure. On all pages, the Website, booking and contact buttons are shown. Note that some of the buttons shown link directly to the client website pages (“Website” and “Booking”) and the others provide hover text information (“Property address” and “Telephone number”).


The basic search buttons appear on all pages so there is no reason to go back to the Home page (unless you want to look at the lovely photos of course).


We have tried to make it as comprehensive as possible without making it difficult to use but we always welcome suggestions from our users. After all, you are the ones that matter most, so if anything needs changing or adding, please do let us know, especially if we have missed something you feel is important or if anything in our layout could make the functionality better or clearer.