Site Map

InformationThe following text decribes the functionality of the site and the way each element as it relates to the other. It does not define our data structure or where each elenment is accessed. It is intented as a description to a site user and is not a definition for the seach engines which is handled internally and discretely.

Searches are initiated by entering a destination in the the "Where?" field and selecting on of the drop down results. The program will automatically search for properties in the selected area and return a list of property results.




Each of the property results will link directly to a Brochure page which contains pictures and a full description of that property, in the case of Gold Standard clients or summary information and contact details for those that have chosen a more limited service.


In addition to these, there are various pages that are accessed by links on both the header and the footer of the pages and also by adverts on the right hand side of most pages. Most of these pages are secondary to the functionality of the site but provide useful or legal information.


Header links:

Inspiration allows you to access a range of articles under various headings:

(Big Groups

 Family Friendly

Hen Weekends

Hidden Gems

The Unusual

Off the Beaten Track

Romantic Breaks

Stag Weekends)

These will hopefully wet your appetite and provide ideas for your holiday or break.


Property Owners provides various functions for our clients


Using the Site describes how to get the best out of the site facilities.


Blog links to a library of blogs written by our staff and clients about various factors of the Leisure industry and places they have visited.


About Britain provides access to a series of articles under various headings that provide factual information and advice relating to Britain and those taking holidays in Britain. This is an area that is constantly being expanded.


Footer links:

Under the heading Latest Posts we display the last five articles or blogs that we have produced.

Under Navigation we have a series of informative sections which are mostly concerned with the company and its policies:

Contact us – contains information on all the ways you can get in touch

Terms & Conditions – states the way we control information on the site that is passed to us by third parties such as our clients.

Privacy Policy – This sets out how we use information obtained from a variety of sources including user visits.

Terms of use – sets out what we will and will not allow site visitors to be able to do and how our data is protected by copyright.

 Site Map – which is of course, this document.


The next column, headed Social Bookmark contains the social media links we have and the last column displays the latest content from our Twitter feed.


On Page Adverts – These small images appear on the leftt hand side of the page and specifically relate to the location of a search. The exception this is the Home Page & Search which displays more generic advertising with no specific locality reference. In the main, these adverts will take you directly to the website of the advertiser, although in some cases, they will go directly to the advertiser’s Brochure on Stayinbritain.