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» Channel Islands
» East Anglia (Eastern England)
» East Midlands
» London
» Northern Ireland
» North East
» North West
» Scotland
» South East
» South West
» Wales
» West Midlands
» Yorkshire & Humberside
» Republic of Ireland

Britain is divided into 14 regions, although arguably, the Republic of Ireland could be further divided into four regions as well. Within each of the England regions there are a number of Counties and Unitary Authorities. The regions in England are general defined along directional geographic lines: South West, South East, West Midland, East Midlands, North East, North West etc. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are of a size to be treated as one region in their own right, although Wales is sometimes divided into North and South Wales. We have treated Wales as one region and divided it by county. Scotland is normally not divided into regions although Highlands and Lowlands were historically used. Again we have divided it by the modern counties, even though there are still a lot of references to the older county names. The Republic of Ireland could be divided into four main regions: Munster, Leinster, Connaught and Ulster. However we have chosen to treat it as a single region: Partly because the use of the names of the four regions seems to have fallen out of favour and because overseas visitors may not be familiar with them. The other regions we have included are the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands which are sovereign states in their own right.

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