Our Services

InformationWe offer a range of service to our clients and encourage all property owners to reister their detials on our database. There is no charge to register and the basic details of the property will be displayed on searches. We wouid, of course, like all properties to upgrade to our Gold brochure service but that is a choice we leave to our clients.





Advertising Levels

We have three levels of results adverting and also an on page advert scheme which provides a very cost-effective additional form of advertising. All our entry levels are listed on the STAYinBRITAIN accommodation search results and all searches are GPS based. The results are ordered so that Gold adverts appear first, then Silver adverts and then Bronze (or free) adverts. Gold and Silver adverts are shown in random order to allow everyone to appear on the first page.
We also promote all our paid customers on the search engines increasing the amount of traffic to their website and also the number of telephone and email enquires received.

Results adverting levels:

  • unlimited Photos & descriptions

  • 5 information sections: Home, About, Nearby, Book, Contact. 

  • Links to your website, booking page, tariff page, email & interactive map

  • Links to your video (we can create these very cheaply if required)

  • Click here for a Gold Example

Cost for 12 months advertising just £45.00 p/a (+ vat). That's less than a £1 a week.
  • 1 Photo & description

  • 2 information sections: Home and Contact

  • Links to your website, email & interactive map

  • Click here for a Silver Example

Cost for 12 months advertising £40.00 p/a (+ vat)
  • Your establishment name and address

  • Your rates

  • FREE


On Page Adverts

We also offer on-page adverts which take the form of the small adverts you will see on most of our results pages on the left hand side. Our on page adverting facility is a very affordable way to get your property noticed. Your advert can link directly to your website or to your brochure on Stayinbritain. All adverts are based on the GPS coordinates of the visitors’ searches so they are always relevant to the specific area that is being searched. Home page adverts are obviously the primary advertising spots but these can also be GPS based for additional coverage. These on page adverts can be purchased by any registered client or by a local company if their business is relevant to our leisure sector. So an ideal medium for local attractions, pubs, restaurants and shops, taxi firms etc. Advertising periods are Yearly but shorter periods can be arranged if required.  Home page adverts are always at a premium but adverts on all other pages cost just £26 a year including initil design, that's the equivelent of just 50p per week.

If you are too busy or have any problems with technology, we can build your advert for you for FREE! Just email and we will be in touch. If you have any questions regarding our services please email