Holidays in Wales

Holidays in Wales always provide something for everyone; there is the spectacular scenery, many fantastic castles, a rich history, an ancient language, friendly natives and attractions to suit every taste. Holidays in Wales are among the most popular holiday destinations in the UK and many millions of tourists, both domestic and from overseas, take their holidays in Wales. The climate in Wales can be somewhat fickle and it does have some of the highest rainfall levels in the British Isles but even the weather cannot spoil holidays in Wales as there some many places and interesting attractions to visit that you could spend your holidays in Wales indoors, or even underground, if necessary.

When the weather is fine, the beaches, especially around Harlech, make holidays in Wales capable of rivalling a beach holiday anywhere. Wales is split into three basic regions; North, South and Mid-Wales but there are so many regional variations from flat plains to high mountains that you could spend many holidays in Wales seeing all that this lovely country has to offer.

As with all popular destinations, if you are considering spending your holidays in Wales, then book your accommodation well in advance of your holiday dates. The main tourist season brings millions of visitors to take holidays in Wales and accommodation can become difficult to find in many popular areas. Use the link on this page to find the results for holidays in Wales, which you can refine by selecting the type of accommodation you require.

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