Wales tourism

Wales tourism drives much of the local economy and in a country where former industries are either dead or being phased out and where unemployment levels are higher than many other parts of the UK, the dependence on Wales tourism becomes ever more important. However, Wales tourism alone cannot provide enough quality employment and the expectations of many young Welsh people causes many of the more qualified to leave the country every year as the job opportunities presented by Wales tourism alone no longer meets their aspirations. Such a drain of qualified young resources is a very worrying long term factor for the Welsh assembly who are seeking to promote other skilled industries to come to Wales to reverse the flow of talent from Wales.

The Welsh Tourist Board acts to promote Wales Tourism and by and large does a fair job in a very competitive market where each region of the UK tries to attract tourists to spend their holidays in their region. Of course Wales tourism has a lot going for it; it has castles galore, old mines and industrial attractions, a unique and pleasant language and culture, a long and fascinating history, sandy beaches that rival any beaches anywhere and other family attractions that all help to make Wales tourism a growing factor in the economy.

Independence from much of the English Government control has allowed the Welsh Assembly to put their agenda for Wales tourism into action and to promote Wales tourism from a welsh perspective.

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