Caravan Parks in Wales

Caravan parks in Wales are located in all regions of the principality. These caravan parks in Wales cater for a growing trend in the use of caravans when exploring the sights Wales has to offer without being restricted on location. In the last decade the use of caravans in Wales and other parts of the UK, suffered a big decline in popularity but with the rise in cost of other holidays and the trend towards holidays in Britain, the use of caravans parks in Wales has seen a big revival.

Catering for this increase in popularity has created interesting problems for planners wishing to encourage the use of caravans parks in Wales and the tourist revenue it generates but also trying to preserve the unspoilt nature of the welsh landscape. As a compromise, it is often the case that the size of caravan parks in Wales are restricted to lessen the visual and environmental impact of such sites. However, the facilities offered are usually of the highest standard and a grading scheme has been implemented for caravan parks in Wales and uses a star rating system.

Because the number of caravan parks in Wales is controlled, it is always best to reserve your place on a site well in advance of your holiday. Use the link on this page to find results for a search on caravan parks in Wales and then refine the search to find the precise location for caravan parks in Wales you wish to stay in.

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