Somerset caravan parks

Touring through the countryside and being able to go wherever you like has a lot of attraction for many families and using a number of Somerset caravan parks across the county may provide you with this opportunity. There are many high quality Somerset caravan parks in all parts of the county from the coastal towns, rural villages to the wilds of Exmoor and these Somerset caravan parks are often to be found off the beaten track in some of the loveliest and most isolated parts of Somerset.

Somerset Caravan Parks are sometimes graded by the Somerset Tourist Board using a star rating system which gives a good indication to the exact quality and facilities to be found at any of the Somerset Caravan parks that are part of the scheme. However, be aware that not all Somerset caravan parks participate in the scheme as the overall cost of the scheme is higher than some owners feel is reasonable yet in most cases these ungraded Somerset caravan parks provide a very high quality of facilities despite the lack of official grading. Use our website to check on the quality of any Somerset caravan parks and if they do not have any grading, use the photos and description to see what quality and facilities are offered at any ungraded Somerset caravan parks.

Book Somerset caravan parks well in advance of your holiday as these sites are extremely popular and can be fully booked very far in advance of the main holiday season.

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