Lake District Caravan Parks

Lake District Caravan Parks are available across Cumbria. Many Lake District caravan parks are found in the more remote parts of the county, often on hill farms in remote valleys where the revenue generated by these Lake District caravan parks and the visitors they bring, can form an important element in the local economy of small local businesses.

To provide a consistent way to judge the standards of Lake District caravan parks, the local Tourist Board inspect Lake District caravan parks and award grading based on star ratings where one star is the most basic site and five stars is the highest award a Lake District caravan park can achieve. Few achieve the highest rating but there are a number of Lake District caravan parks that get either three stars or four star status and these are very fine sites offer first class facilities.

Within a National Park there are conflicts between the desire for land owners to promote the caravan tourism and the need to ensure that the visual element of the landscape if preserved. For that reason, there are less Lake District caravan parks than the demand for sites could support. In order to secure a place at any Lake District caravan park, you need to book well in advance f your date of travel. Use the link below to see the results of a search on Lake District caravan parks and use our search facilities to narrow your area of search to a specific location if necessary.

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