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Camping is a very popular way to visit the regions of Britain and if you like camping and are looking for interesting campsites, Wales is a place to consider for a camping holiday. Given the popularity of campsites, Wales has encouraged the creation of a number of reasonably sized sites right across the country and in every region of Wales both around the cities and in the mountains and countryside.

However it is recognised that there can be adverse environmental and visual impacts from badly sited Campsites. Wales has a policy of ensuring that these impacts are kept to a minimum and that permission is only given for sensitively sited campsites. Wales has also taken the attitude that the visual and environmental impact can best be controlled by the use of smaller, family run campsites. Wales is well served for the family type campsites by a number of larger commercial Holiday Parks where family camping is also encouraged.

As in most areas with campsites, Wales has a grading scheme to designate the quality of the site and the facilities that the camper can expect to find on any given Campsites. Wales designates these standards by the display of a red dragon on a white background and a number of stars. The more stars the better the standard. This symbol applies to all forms of accommodation but these are clearly marked Campsites. Wales is a wonderful country to visit and camping in Wales is an affordable and fun way to see the wonderful landscape of Wales.

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