Camping in Wales

If camping in Wales is your choice for a holiday in Wales, then the extent and quality of the sites available and the facilities they provide will be a very pleasant surprise. There are many sites that cater for camping in Wales and these range from small sites in rural fields to large coastal sites with every conceivable facility. There are strict rules governing the location of these sites that provide for camping in Wales. The aim is to cater for the demand but at the same time to preserve the landscape amenity and to minimise the impact of the many tourists who want to come camping in Wales.

Sites that provide camping in Wales are graded by the Welsh Tourist Board and may also be awarded environmental accolades for their green credentials from such schemes as the David Bellamy Award which have strict criteria for the environmental impact of any site providing camping in Wales. However, as with other accommodation types, not all owners of sites that provide camping in Wales choose to be part of these Tourist Board scheme as these can cost a significant sum of money each year and in the present climate, it is hard to justify the additional cost when it is already hard to make camping in Wales a profitable business.

Never the less the number of sites is increasing and their popularity continues to grow as more and more visitors are choosing this cheaper option above self catering or bed and breakfast.

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