Camping sites in Wales

Camping sites in Wales can be found all around the Principality both in the main tourist destinations and around the main cities and towns. Camping is seeing a growth in popularity after decades of decline and many sites will be fully booked during the holiday season.

There are a range of camping sites in Wales that will suit every requirement and preference from small sites on a remote rural farm for visitors touring around Wales and spending a few nights at each site, to major camping sites in Wales that cater for large numbers of family holiday makers with every facility including on site restaurants for those that want to use camping sites in Wales as their main base for a fortnights holiday with the family in a coastal resort in Wales.

All camping sites in Wales could, in theory, be graded by the Welsh Tourist Board and the grading system provides a good guide to quality for any registered camp site but many Welsh sites choose not to be part of the scheme as the outlay each year to be registered can be expensive. Don’t let that put you of using an ungraded site as ungraded camping sites in Wales will usually be as good if not better than many graded camping sites in Wales. Use sites that display photograph and videos of the facilities available at any camping site in Wales and look for comments by other campers on comparison sites to judge the quality and facilities available.

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