What to do with that amazing Halloween Pumpkin

What to do with that amazing Halloween Pumpkin

Halloween Pumpkin CarvingThis is the time of year when we celebrate the very ancient festival called Halloween which can be traced back over a thousand years to the Celtic festival of Samhain, a festival to mark the end of summer and the start of the dark days of the winter months. A time when the barriers between the worlds are at their thinnest and the fairies and spirits and the souls of the dead can cross over into our lives.



So scary masks and fake blood, trick or treat, fancy dress parties, and a great deal of fun especially for the children but why Pumpkins? Because they are wonderfully easy to carve is why and almost anyone can create a work of art with very little practice. It started in American of course where the pumpkin originated as a native American food crop but the carving of pumpkins became popular there and quickly caught on around the World.



In Britain, the largest growers of pumpkins are to be found in Spalding Lincolnshire and you can see these growing on the land belonging to David Bowman who grows over two million pumpkins every year and is the largest producer in Europe. So popular is the pumpkin, that he grows nothing else.



Go out and get a pumpkin and have a go at carving your own masterpiece, its great fun (that's my masterpiece on the left). You won’t have to go as far as Spalding to get one but they do sell out quickly so nip down to your supermarket in good time before they are all gone.Pumpkin Patch


So you’ve carved your pumpkin, had it admired and photographed by the paparazzi, posted it on face book, clocked up thousand of “likes” and its now November the 1st and Halloween is over. What do you do now? Don’t just throw it away. People often forget that the humble pumpkin is also a great food source and can be eaten in a large number of ways. When you have finished with the Halloween festival don’t throw that pumpkin away. Eat it. It can be made into a large range of lovely dishes and pies. For good recipes and  a lot of ideas on what to do with your Halloween pumpkin have a look at this link Left over pumpkin


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