The last flight of the Vulcan

The VulcanLast flight of the Vulcan Bomber

I was fortunate enough to be in almost the right place at the right time on Tuesday the 8th of November 2015. I was driving along the A6 to a hotel in Rothwell in Northamptonshire when cars in front of me started slowing down and parking on the verge and people got out carrying long lense cameras. Not knowing what the fuss was about, I continued my journey to the hotel which was close by and parked in the hotel car park just in time to see the only airworthy Vulcan bomber “The Sprit of Great Britain” pass across the sky about a quarter of a mile away. It circled the area several times being escorted by a group of small planes acting as a honour guard and a solitary Hurricane that seemed to be struggling to keep up. I managed to get the  photo using my little camera that goes with me everywhere but it was on full zoom and is not as sharp as I would like.  Still nice to have got any photo in the circumstances.


The show only lasted for a few minutes but I felt privileged to have seen this magnificent airplane, making one of the last flights it will ever undertake as it gets moth-balled at the end of the month. I was told by the hotel manager that it quite often passed over the area on its way from its hanger in Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster to various airshows and that the locals had a great fondness for it and were sad to hear it would no longer grace the skies above Rothwell and the surrounding villages. It is planned to keep the Vulcan in Taxiable condition but it will no longer fly.


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