Hidden Gems – an Irish Treasure

KilkennyInspiration: Hidden Gems – an Irish Treasure


A holiday cottage in Kilkenny is a great way to enjoy this wonderful little city and this region of Ireland. Kilkenny is the county town of Kilkenny and is located in the south west of Ireland on the river Nore. It is particularly famous for its castle which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland. Rather ironic when you know that the family that owned it sold it for just £50, in the middle of the 20th century,  to avoid the huge costs of restoration that were needed.


The town is built on both banks of the River Nore in the centre of the county and was a strategic location even before the Normans conquered it from the Kingdom of Ossory and built the castle and fine city walls to protect the settlers. Today the city has a population of around 25,000 and is a very popular tourist destination with a large number of fine attractions and places of interest, including the castle of course, two medieval bridges, two fine cathedrals, one of which also has an early 100 foot round tower which was built in the 9th century and many other places to see and enjoy. The city hosts a wealth of art exhibitions and festivals, including music festivals for a wide range of musical genres. There is a very fine theatre which stages many works of the dramatic arts at all times of the year. There are a number of holiday cottages in Kilkenny county from which you can explore the area.


This photograph was posted to our Instagram account by @neverstop_wandering and is a really wonderful photograph. My thanks to her for that lovely image.


Why not make Ireland your holiday destination this year and rent a holiday cottage in Kilkenny for a couple of weeks and use it as a base from which to explore the wonders of this lovely part of Ireland. This city is true hidden gem.


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