Off the beaten track: A walk in the woods

Off the beaten Track - A walk in the woods

Bluebell wood

Now is the best time to see the English Bluebell at its best. Those woods where they flourish are carpeted with a sheen of brilliant blue that no photo seems able to accurately capture. The perfume they release is wonderful. They are at their very best right now and the cool sunny weather is just right to keep them like that for a few days more.


Wherever you find a bluebell wood, you will find visitors. Some of these even choose to travel far to see their favourite wood and will stay overnight in a bed and breakfast to get the most out of the trip.  It is certainly worth the effort as the bluebell season only lasts a couple of weeks and then they are gone for another year. What many people do not realise is that this display only occurs in Britain. The blue bell isn’t restricted to these islands but nowhere else are the conditions as favourable as they are here and where they occur on the continent, they do so as isolated clumps of plants instead of the blanket cover they form here. Experience it while you can. There are several factors working against our plants; there is a lot of cross breeding with the Spanish Squill, that big blousy, garden version of our native plant which genetically dominates, the dryer weather we have had for the last decade or so has allowed other plants like the lesser Celandine to squeeze the young plants out and of course as Global Warming increases, the ideal conditions we have will disappear.


It may be a bit extreme to go the trouble of staying in a Bed and Breakfast to enjoy the display and there will be a bluebell wood somewhere closer to you if you look, but the sheer delight and beauty of this wonderful flower is worth experiencing while you still can. And take lots of photos and add them to our Instagram account @Stayinbritain for all our followers to enjoy.


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