Hidden Gems – Wow what a stunning shot!

Dunnotter CastleHidden Gems – Wow what a stunning shot!

This wonderful photo was sent to our Instagram account by @zaehrli. It is a stunning shot of Dunnotter Castle on the north-east coast of Scotland, in Aberdeenshire. I have to admit, it is a place I had never heard of but the photo prompted me to find out what I could and it is a place I will certainly put on my “Must Visit” list (it is getting a long list thanks to all the wonderful photos we have received). Make note to self to book a bed and breakfast in Stonehaven which is the nearest town.


The castle site covers over 3.5 acres and the ruins are very impressive. They date back to around 1300 but it is believed that the site was fortified earlier than that. It is certainly a very defensible location. For a long time it was the home of the Keith family until they found themselves on the losing side of the Jacobean Rebellion and were disinherited. The castle then largely fell into disrepair. The castle changed hands several times before the present owner’s family acquired it in the late 19th century. Parts of the castle were restored in the 20th century by the present owners. It is said that the Scottish Crown Jewels were hidden here for safe keeping when Scotland was invaded by Oliver Cromwell in the 17th century. The castle is now a scheduled monument and of national importance.


The nearest town is Stonehave, which is about 2 miles away. Within walking distance if you feel hardy. We list a number of properties that offer  bed and breakfast in Stonehaven and the surrounding area and there are also several hotels in the area so finding a place to stay during your visit should be possible.


I am very grateful for those who contribute to our Instagram account. The contributions are often awe inspiring. Have a look at our account and see for yourself the high quality of the submissions @Stayinbritain.


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