Family Friendly - Trafalgar Square and a Monument to a naval hero

Family Friendly - Trafalgar Square and a Monument to a naval heroNelson

Located in the heart of London at Charing Cross amongst some of the finest buildings and many of the most expensive hotels in London, is Nelson’s column which sits in the middle of Trafalgar Square and it was raised in celebration of the victory of Admiral Horatio Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar, against the combined fleets of France and Spain during the Napoleonic War in 1805. In the battle 27 enemy ships were sunk without the loss of a single British ship. However, Admiral Nelson was wounded and died during the battle.


Nelson’s Column was erected by a grateful nation in 1838 and is 170 feet tall. Made from Dartmoor Granite, it has a Sandstone statue of Nelson on top.  At its base there are four bronze lions which are very popular with visitors who clamber up onto them and have their photos taken. The column is surrounded by four water features with bronze figures that spout water. At each corner of Trafalgar Square there is a granite plinth on which statues are placed. One of these, the so called “Fourth Plinth” was to have had a statue of King William IV but due to a lack of funds it stood empty for 150 years. It is now used as a temporary exhibition area for a selected contemporary statue which is changed about every 12 months.


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