Romantic Breaks - Take a weekend break for two

Romantic Breaks – Take a Weekend Break for twoCouple


There is nothing like a romantic weekend away for just the two of you to re-charge the batteries and get back the romance in your lives, free from the stresses of work and the family. Keep the magic alive and take the opportunity to have time just for yourselves. Let the grand parents have the children for a few days which they will thoroughly enjoy, and use the time to go somewhere where you can spend a weekend alone with the one you love, in surroundings that pamper you and allow you to relax.


Many hotels and bed and breakfast properties offer weekend breaks especially when they have spare capacity that they would like to fill at any price so if you shop around (and don’t pick a bank holiday or school holiday weekend), you can often find that perfect romantic place to stay at a very reasonable price and in a destination that may be fully booked or just too expensive during the peak holiday season. The most popular destinations for a romantic weekend break for two are generally on the coast during the early spring season or just after the schools go back after the summer break. At these times, the seaside hotels have more free capacity than they want and they promote these spare rooms by offering very attractive and affordable packages. Most will have these on their website and a quick browse through our search results should help to identify those that are offering discounts.


Some of these hotels will include meals in the package but you can always use the local restaurants to cater for that quiet little dinner for two. Take the trouble to find out what is available locally and make sure you include places to visit that you will both enjoy. A romantic weekend break for two need not be a luxury but it should always be a treat that you want to do again and again.


You both deserve a break so make the most of these low season opportunities.


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