Accommodation for big groups

Large GroupAccommodation for big groups


One of the hardest things to organise is accommodation suitable for a big group of people.  It could be for a wedding reception with overnight accommodation of for a family self catering holiday with family members of all ages and requirements. How do you start to look for properties that can accommodate a large group of people? Let’s say, for the sake of this demonstration, that there are 11 people in the party, all wishing to go on holiday together and stay in an affordable property.


 If you were going to all stay in a hotel, then you may stand some chance of finding enough rooms but the cost may be greater than you wanted to pay. After all, on a holiday, you would want something a bit better than a budget hotel, especially if there are children involved. A fortnight in that level of hotel would have everyone feeling stressed. However, there are self catering properties out there that can handle the numbers involved and provide the level of comfort and facilities that would be expected for a holiday. At first glance, they may seem expensive but if you divide the cost by the size of your party or look at the cost of the equivalent hotel rooms, you will realise that it is usually very good value for money. So the secret is to know how to find them.


Using the search facilities on this website can make that search for the ideal property that can handle your property a very simple thing to do. The process is to type in the location you want to visit, choose “Self Catering” as the property type and then use the search modifier under the heading “The Property Sleeps?” and select the number in your party from the drop down, in this case 11. Click on “SUBMIT” and the results will only display properties that can accommodate parties of 11 or more. You can click on each of the results to get more details and also to be able to visit the owner’s website to see more information. If there are special requirement and facilities you need that are not listed, you may want to contact the property owners directly top check if these items are available or can be provided.


Don’t be deterred from organising a holiday for a large group. The facilities are there on the website which should make it an easy process. 


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