Bed and Breakfast in Britain

Bed and Breakfast is a very British type of accommodation and is very popular in Britain. Elsewhere it is more usual to use Guest House and in America Bed and Breakfast is a term that is very seldom used. The term refers to a package of accommodation which contains a morning meal, so literally a bed and breakfast.

The terms Guest House and Bed and Breakfast are really interchangeable and are often applied to very similar properties but technically a Bed and Breakfast is typically smaller than a Guest House, operating out of a family residence and traditionally would have between one and four rooms for letting.

A Guest House would typically be a larger establishment than a bed and breakfast and would have up to 12 rooms to let. In both these accommodation types guests are accommodated in private bedrooms and breakfast is served in the morning either in a dining room or in the host's kitchen. Bathrooms and toilet facilities can be private or shared with other guests or with the family or en-suite.

Staying at a Bed and Breakfast can provide excellent facilities with better access to popular locations in remote areas. The tourist boards and the AA have an agreed star rating system for Bed and Breakfast and both organizations use the same criteria when awarding stars to properties in this Category.

Bed and Breakfast provides affordable and good quality accommodation and we would recommend that you consider staying in a Bed and Breakfast when you stay in Britain.

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